Home Products CRPM:Continious Reinforced Piping Machines CRPM 300 - 2400 Winder 


Winder Capacity
Production Diameter ND 300 up to ND 2400 (Pipes and Couplings)

Area and Height required
Width = 11 m : Length = 27 m : Height = 6,5 m (under crane hook)

Utilities Requirements:


Requirement Voltage: 380-400 V AC, 3 phase, 50 Hz

Installed Power: 312 kW

Compressed Air

7 bar, 6 m3 / min

Crucial parts of CRPM Winder

Main Body, Shafts, Cam, Steel band Guidance and Tensioning, Mandrel Disks, Aluminium Rails, Returnheads, Steel band reel, Feeding Chamber, Raw Material feeding region, Smearing platform, Choppers, Sand feeding, Sand Transport system,Curing Zone,Infrared heating, Induction heating, Infrared camera, Thickness measuring, Saw unit, Buffer Resin system, Catalyst system, Pipe landing system, Power Distribution and control system including Software.


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