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Main products of fittings are Tee, Elbow, Flange and Reducer. These are hand made products. Similar to GRP pipes, fittings have dimensions between 300-3000 mm diameter, PN values between 1-40 Bar and SN values of 2500-5000-10000 N/mm2.


Raw materials of fittings include; GRP pipe, glass fiber, resin and peroxide. Lamination process combines one of suitable cutted grp pipes (Tee, Elbow, Flange and Reducer), fiber , prepared resin and peroxide.


Again as a final process, fittings are assembled with couplings at coupling mounting unit. After this point, products are processed through a quality control check and if good products are sent to stock are for delivery.


MDM company is supplier of all GRP Fittings production equipments.  Those equipments are tables, tanks, molds etc.



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