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Pipes are produced by filament winding on fully automatic machinery in accordance with the following categories.

CRPM Pipe Production Range Table






(mm) (bar) (N/mm2) (mt)
300-1400 1-40 up to 10.000 up to 15
1400-2400 1-32
2400-3000 1-25
3000-3400 1-20
3400-4000 1-16

The basic winder is composed of a continuous steel band supported by beams which form a cylindrically shaped mandrel. The beams rotate, friction pulls the band around and roller bearings allow the band to move longitudinally so that the entire mandrel continuously moves in a spiral path toward the end of the machine.

As the mandrel moves, fine graded filler, glass fibers, resin and surface materials are metered on in precise amounts under the direction of a programmable logic controller (PLC) and computer (PC). The PLC-PC modules provide integrated process control based on preprogrammed recipes. Only basic pipe data such as diameter, pressure and stiffness class needs to be entered and the computer calculates all the machine settings.

Curing system consists of induction and infrared heating equipment. During curing of pipe, temperatures are shown graphically on the PC monitor. 

The operator presets the length of pipe in the control system so the saw operation is completely automatic

After  passing  the  cutting  station,  the  cured  pipe  is  supported  on  lifting  tables  that  are  specially  designed for receiving the pipes. The pipe is then moved by conveyor to the chamfering and calibration unit and then to the hydrostatic pipe tester.  All pipes are quality inspected after manufacture. Once  inspected  the  pipe  spigots  are chamfered  and  calibrated  where  necessary  for  fitment  of  couplings. Each pipe is pressure tested to twice its nominal pressure class to verify performance.

CRPMs : Continuous Reinforced Piping Machines
    CRPM 300-2400 Winder
    CRPM 300-3000 Winder
    CRPM 900-4000 Winder
    Pipe End Preparation Unit (EPU)
    Pipe Hydrostatic Test Unit (PTU)
    Coupling Installation Unit (CIU)
    Pipe Cutting Station (PCS)


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