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After the production and cut of the pipe on the Winding System, it is transferred to the Pipe End Preparation Unit.

This is a unit operated in conjunction and in synchronization with the pipe production. It is composed of two grinding stations, one at each end of the pipe and lifting tables to hold the pipe during the grinding. These stations and the lifting tables are placed on rails and can be adjusted in accordance with the entry position and the length of the pipe. The lifting tables are equipped with rollers which are adjusted to support the pipe.

Initially, the grinding units and the rollers on the lifting tables are adjusted in accordance with the diameter of the pipe production. When the pipe reaches the Unit, it is received by the lifting tables, upon which rollers to balance the pipe are installed. Then the pipe is placed and adjusted in the grinding station. It is clamped down pneumatically between the grinder and a roller. The grinder trims the pipe to its designed outer diameter value and also chamfers the outer rim of the pipe for a complete match with the coupling that will be installed.

After the operation is completed on both ends of the pipe, the pipe is rolled back to the Pipe Transport System.



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